Top 10 Perfect Health Tips: YOUR ROAD TO HEALTHY LIVING

Top 10 Perfect Health Tips: YOUR ROAD TO HEALTHY LIVINGFor higher productivity of life and longevity, a healthy body and mind are a requisite and to maintain wellness of these important elements, one needs to focus on healthy food. In today’s junk food driven and overly busy generation, the definition of healthy food has lost its meaning and people are resorting to readily available, lip-smacking and unhealthy snacks to satisfy their palates as well as hunger. This habit of munching on fast food eventually deteriorates one’s immunity and health as it lacks proper nutrition required to maintain the body’s equilibrium.

To achieve the desired state of health does not necessarily mean spending hours on workouts or preparing heavily nutritious recipes as fitness is easily attainable by making few simple modifications in your daily routine that will not only require less time and effort but also, the result would be very rewarding and encouraging.

Directions for perfect health

The following few health tips will surely help you find your way to healthy and better living.

  • Water yourself generously: Like plants, humans also, need water for their growth and development though the quantity of the same varies. Fluids are necessary to hydrate the body as well as removing waste and toxins from the body. However, not all fluids serve the same purpose. Plain water is the best source of maintaining the body metabolism by eliminating waste through urine, regulating the body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and the electrolytic balance essential for proper functioning of all the body systems. If you don’t like plain water, substitute it with lemon water, fresh juices or green teas but avoid indulging into aerated drinks as their sugar and caffeine content can cause many harmful effects. Drinking about 1.5 to 2 liters of water is highly recommended for glowing skin and fit body so always keep a bottle of water handy.
  • Healthy breakfast: As widely known, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day and very rightly so, as the body has been working all night and is starving for energy to sail through the day’s hustle and bustle. Add fiber rich carbohydrates like oats, porridge, fruits etc instead of burgers or sandwiches to your breakfast as being low in sugar and calories and slow to digest, the fiber will keep you full till lunchtime with sufficient energy.
  • Fruits and veggies: Try to accommodate five portions of fruits and vegetables daily including juices as they contain all the essential nutrients required for perfect health. Moreover, they are easy to carry, ready to eat and can easily replace those fattening fries, pastas and the like. With adequate nutrition from these natural sources, you can prevent many chronic and serious illnesses and lead a fruitful life.
  • Protein rich meals: Proteins are the building blocks of life as they help in the development of muscles, bones, skin, hair and nails. Also, they help in repair and regeneration of body tissues and improve immunity. Sources of healthy protein include beans, eggs, yogurt, cheese, fish etc. and adding them to your diet is a wise decision.
  • Milky Way: A great source of vitamins and minerals, milk and dairy products have proved their worth in bone, teeth and muscle development apart from being a great appetizer and stress buster. Moreover, it is easier to gulp down a glass of milk as compared to soda or other carbonated drinks and can easily be a part of your busy schedule.

perfect health tips

  • Swap brown for white: Processed carbs like white breads, white rice are not heart friendly and lead to obesity and diabetes too. Substituting them with their brown counterparts will provide you with enough nutrients that have been stripped off from the whiter versions during refining. Owing to their high fiber content and easy digestibility, brown breads and rice make for a fantastic staple diet.
  • Low fat diet: As the name suggests, fats tend to put on extra fat on your body and invite many diseases. However, cutting them completely from your diet is highly not advisable as some fats are actually, advantageous for healthy functioning. Unsaturated fats like those found in fish, nuts etc promote healthy functioning of the heart and must be included in the diet. Harmful fats like fried foods, biscuit, mayonnaise, cheese etc. should be shunned out of your diet and substituted by other healthier snack options.
  • Regular mini-meals: Eating small portions at regular intervals helps keep the metabolism going and energy level high throughout the day. Eating 4-5 mini meals or snacks helps to control the appetite and weight but make sure these mini meals consist of healthy food rather than non-nutritious ones.
  • Treat yourself once in a while: Occasional treats of ice creams, cakes, pizzas are permissible to satisfy your taste buds provided you have been following the other above mentioned directions honestly. Savoring your favorite foods within limits makes the pathway to healthy living a pleasurable one as it prevents rebound overeating to compensate for your favorite foods’ desires.
  • Something for non-vegetarians too: Fish contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are very good for health and adding it to your meal plan twice a week will protect your body from heart disease. Certain high quality red meats are equally, beneficial for health.

avoid unhealthy foodAvoid certain road blocks

In addition to above directions, you might encounter certain road blocks in your journey to perfect health. Avoid sweetened iced teas and coffees as their high fructose and caffeine content have a negative impact on your health. Drink green tea or lemon juice instead. Avoid frying your food, rather bake, grill or roast them. Run low on sugar as it contains only calories sans any vitamins or minerals. A tastier and healthy substitute for chips would be potatoes roasted in olive oil. Taking a glass of red wine or two with dinner to satisfy your urge for alcohol, beer and other fizzy drinks is a healthier alternative.

Reaching your destination

Following the directions sincerely will definitely lead you to your destination of complete health, fitness and well-being smoothly making the journey a fun and highly profitable one.

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