TOP 10 REASONS- Why Dark Chocolate Lovers Should Rejoice

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The word Chocolate only can give a sensation how delicious it could be to taste and when we get to know that it has health benefits too, it’s like icing on the cake. Believe it or not, it’s a scientific fact that dark Chocolates are advised to be included in your daily meal chart not only because it is good to taste but also because it has favorable health issues. Dark chocolates are those which are less processed and contain cocoa ranging from 70% to 99%. It can not only be consumed directly but can be used for cooking purposes also.

Let us walk through top 10 reasons why should dark chocolates be a part of our food chart.

understanding oxytocinReason No 1. #Take a Chocolate Pill for Your Heart:

Dark Chocolates regulate the blood flow making it pass through all the organs of the body which helps in proper distribution of oxygen which reduces the risk of any heart disease. Due to this the possibility of problem of blockage of arteries and other cardiovascular diseases reduce. The presence of cocoa also helps in controlling the aggregation of platelets in our body which can stop the required bleeding and forms clots. It overcomes the formation of these blood clots which can result in cancer.

Reason No 2. #Food for brain:

As already mentioned that dark chocolates regulate the blood flow in the body. This regulated blood flow reaches to whole body including the brain. This results in positive effect on our mood and thus helps in reducing the chances of stroke. This ultimately makes you feel happier and energetic. Thus its ingredients make it a mood booster as it helps in stimulating those neuro-cells of the brain which are associated with reward and pleasure. Dark Chocolates act as stress buster by acting on heavy and low cells of brain.

Reason No 3. #Contains Antioxidants & flavonoids:

Antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. It is necessary to inhibit oxidation because oxidation produces free radicals and presence of radicals in our body can damage living cells hampering the growth of cells of the body. Thus antioxidants are required to fight these radicals and that is what is found in abundance in Dark Chocolates. The daily consumption of it can help in timely ageing and can save you from various heart diseases, cancer and also the Alzheimer.

Health tips on lower blood flow with dark chocolateReason No 4. #Lowers Blood Pressure:

Dark Chocolates are considered as super food for BP patients. It contains Nitric oxide which along with relaxing your blood vessels lowers the pressure exerted by them. Nitric oxide is neutralized by the human body and lowers the blood pressure.

Reason No 5. #Dark Chocolate but a bright Vision:

Dark Chocolates contain Cocoa which is good for the eyes. Its characteristic of improving the blood flow in the body makes it flow through the sensitive and critical portion of the eye known as retina. The layers of retina stay strong and protected with the daily consumption of cocoa. One reason could be that while eating chocolate your tendency to blink your eyes increase and the only exercise of eyes is to blink. Thus it helps in improving vision and makes you see the world brighter and clear!

Reason No 6. #Improves Energy Metabolism:

The consumption of dark chocolates improves the energy metabolism of the body because it keeps a person mentally and emotionally strong. Because of proper neural activity, vascular function is also improved. This building of metabolism refreshes your body and mind and thus keeping you ready and available whole day.

Reason No 7. #Improves Blood Sugar levels:

Surprising but true! Dark chocolates help in improving blood sugar levels because these kinds of chocolates contain less milk and sugar and more of cocoa. Cocoa being the folk medicine helps in regulating blood sugar by production of required amount of insulin in the body. As diabetes is said to be the silent killer and a major reason of cardiovascular disease it needs to be controlled and this can be done by the consumption of flavonoid rich cocoa.

Health Benefits of Dark ChocolateReason No 8. #Chocolates and Cholesterol:

Chocolates and Cholesterol both start from alphabet ‘C’. Thus they are good friends of each other. Due to ruined blood vessel condition cholesterol takes birth in our body. It requires a continuous and regular flow of blood.  The presence of cocoa and less quantity of milk and butter in Dark Chocolate makes it good food for cholesterol patients. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) is said to be well behaved cholesterol and studies have shown that presence of oleic acid in Dark Chocolates helps in taking cholesterol from LDL to HDL.

Reason No 9. #A Full Health Package:

Your favorite Dark Chocolates are a full health package. These are rich in minerals and vitamins namely potassium, copper, magnesium and iron. Potassium is necessary for all living cells. The optimum intake of potassium can reduce the risk of heart stroke and hypertension. Copper is said to be the food of liver, muscles and bones. It gives the required nutrients to the said organs. Magnesium is prized for lightness and strength. Along with being a light mineral it provides strength to the body. Iron helps in transporting proteins and also helps in formation of hemoglobin.

Reason No 10. #Long Bar of chocolate gifts you a long life:

Because of presence of so much good nutrients in these chocolates the longevity of one’s life is ensured. If a person with a good and nutritive diet adds chocolate in his/her diet, can gift him/her a long life. So next time when you visit a shop to buy a bar of Dark Chocolate, ensure that you are buying a big one!

So, the next time you feel upset or fed up from your life, give your brain a food. It will not only save you from quitting but also rejuvenates your experience of life. To conclude, we can say-

“The Dark memories of your life may make you feel low

But dark chocolates improve your blood flow,

Make it a part of your regular meal

And see how the colorful side of Dark chocolates heal..”

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