TOP 10 REASONS- Why You Should Flash Your Pearly Whites More Often?

In this world where everything costs something, smile costs nothing. Smile is not a journey rather a destination which has a simple motto to keep you refreshing. Smiling is a language which is understood by everyone, regardless of culture, race, or religion and also it is internationally known.

Smiling is a contagious disease as when you Smile, World Smiles back..!!

#1. Smile Charms your Personality:

As we all are aware that smiles come in all shades, from the polite and slightly friendly smile that air hostesses wear on the job, to the approachable smile, the proud smile, the half smile and the list goes on. The most genuine smile of all is the one that comes from the eyes and has an extraordinary strong effect on your personality.

Be positive in your life

#2. Smile gives inner strength:

A positive smile provides to inner energy to deal with all the surroundings. A Man That Will Help You Find Your Own Inner Strength is nobody except YOU and the inner strength which stays within you unexplored can make you depressed and develop inferiority in you, thus, a smile is a simple solution to locate the hidden inner strength. But the catch is smile can give you inner strength only if you smile openly and stop being self-conscious about your smile.

#3. Health Benefits of Smile:

An Adage is, “a crushed spirit dries up the bones, but a smiling and joyful heart is good medicine.” Studies have proved that smiling helps in controlling Blood Pressure because of movement of oculi muscle near eyes. Also, smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. These are the salts which form part of various artificial salts that are added in pain killers. Smiling is considered as a natural drug because it releases all these salts. Moreover, smiling can improve mild depression among people.

#4. Secret of looking Younger:

Many Yoga sessions have a special exercise of smiling for a while, this is because of the secret that a continuous habit of smiling gives regular exercise to your muscles and thus maintaining the required level of blood flow which consequently acts as a boost and makes you look younger. Smiling is a natural facelift. It plumps up the cells in your skin and gives you a radiant glow. Also, smile increases the life expectancy; this is because of its art of handling stress and maintaining physical health. So, the next time if you’re dressing up to impress, make sure to take that beautiful, natural smile with you!

#5. Stress Buster:

Smile has an essence to make you look fresh and energetic. It reduces the negativity created by Stress. It hides the tiredness, tedious expressions from your face and acts as a stress buster by giving you strength to take action and clear any stressful matter with same wisdom and enthusiasm.

#6. Direct Relation between Smile & success:

The smiling person thinks well than a non- smiling person. It is because of a positive flow of blood and emotions that maintain the mental stability throughout his body. This gives one more opportunities and occasions to excel. A smiling and employee is more appealing to the boss and thus attracts all the important assignments making him more successful. Smiling relaxes the movement of your muscles making them more welcoming to any kind of situation.  The spirit of smiling even when you lose is your actual victory. This is because smile gives you confidence to face the failure and makes you ready for the next challenge.

#7. Bridge between relations:

A smile is a shortest distance between two people. Just like the strength of house depends upon its roots & Formation, strength of relation is build by Smile. Smile gives a feeling of contentment which ensures the smoothness of a relation. Both the partners sought out many problems if one of them can make another smile. It is a medicine which keeps the relation alive and gives it longevity.

Health Benefits of Smile #8. Smile & profession:

The essence of any business or profession depends upon personal dealing. It is a proven fact that smile can sell spicy red chillies and a frowning face cannot even sell the sugar. Smile has power to have an everlasting effect on the person next to you. It can create impression or can make you lose even. Only smile favors talent of a person. Smile creates a authentic and trustworthy relation between a businessman and a client. So next time you are dealing with a client, add a little smile in it and experience the difference.

#9. A source of attraction:

It is simply defined that “Smile is a weapon; you can break ice with it.” It means how the sudden entry of some smiling person in a room brings smile on all silent and intense faces. A smiling person lightens up the room, changes the moods of others, and makes things happier. A smiling person draws attention of everybody and brings happiness with him.  After seeing a grinning picture of anybody be it your loved ones or random pictures of any unknown person, your face meets a natural smile that lightens up the face and creates positive environment all around you making you look more attractive.

#10. Laughter follows Smile:

If smile is a kid, laughter is the grandparent. A smile is a footstep on the ladder of laughter. So if smile has billions of benefits, laughter has trillions. Laughter contributes in regulating the flow of blood all through the heart to the brain and along with controlling blood sugar it provides a comfortable and refreshing sleep. The immunity is said to be the inner army in our body which combats all infections and smile tonics these immune components in our body which helps in providing a stronger body structure.

To conclude, we can say that,

Smile is something which happens in a flash,

But the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.

There are hundreds of languages around the world, but the smile speaks them all. The specialty of smile is known globally. At the end they are the wrinkles around your eyes that actually tell people you’re smiling. So go on and Say Cheeseeee..!!!

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