Top 10 Reasons- Why To Go Green For Your Health

Health tips on weight lossVegetarian diet is also commonly known as Sattvic Diet i.e., yogic diet which is basically prepared from plants and herbs. A well balanced diet is necessary for life cycles of all the age group people. The vegetarian food does not only embrace you with a good health but also makes you closer to spirituality.

Let us see top 10 reasons why Going Green is not only good for environment but for our health too.

#Reason 1. Best friend of Weight Losers:

In this busy world where everybody is looking for some or other innovative technique to shed the extra inches, vegetarian diet can give them a ray of hope. Vegetarian diet is free from fats and that is the reason why dieticians advise it to be included in the diet chart. The Vegetarian diet may have same number of calories as in the non-Vegetarian diet but still the presence of other nutrients make it the best friend of weight losers.

#Reason 2. Secret of Flawless Beauty:

Vegetarian diet maintains flawless beauty making a person look younger. This is because of the natural ingredients found in vegetarian food. The antioxidant rich fruits and veggies neutralize the free radicals in our body giving more space to the living cells. This can ultimately result in making your skin free from wrinkles or any kind of ageing spots. The vegetarian food is water based food which makes it rich in vitamins and purifies the contaminated blood of the body making it more healthy and shiny.

Health tips on good health Going Green#Reason 3. Maintain high Energy Levels:

The vegetarian food does not contain saturated fats due to which it helps in maintaining the energy levels of a body. Also this food is easily digestible and therefore the body has to utilize less energy to digest it giving a boost to energy levels. It lowers the risk of constipation. Because of low content of fat and sodium, blood circulation increases which make the body refreshing and healthy too. The presence of nitrates strengthens the blood vessels of heart making them expand which allows more oxygen to enter and thus deeply energize the human body.

#Reason 4. Reduces the Risk of Food-borne diseases:

Recent incidents have shown that how bird flu in chickens and various other diseases in aquatic animals due to lower content of oxygen in polluted water have contaminated the health of humans- its consumers. The sea food and the chicken are consumed almost in every part of world. While consuming, one is not aware of the disease with which the ingredient of the diet is suffering. The Vegetarian diet frees you from any such kind of thought as it grows on trees and is processed. Contrary to the other, vegetarian diet can make your supper plate more colorful and bright.

#Reason 5. Increase Longevity:

The vegetarian diet helps in improving the expectancy of longer life. Because this food is free from artificial hormones used for growth of animals and also free from toxins and other chemicals, it improves the lifestyle with less tendency of diseases. Body Mass Index is measured by mass of an individual in proportion to square of height. A High BMI signifies the person to be overweight. Vegetarian food helps in maintaining low BMI of a person making him fit as regards the age, mass and the desired height.

#Reason 6. Health benefits:

Vegetarian foods have a tendency to reduce the risks of cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart problems. It prevents the possibility of constipation because it is rich in fiber and antioxidants. Moreover, it is free from cholesterol and thus prevents blood pressure as well as cardiovascular diseases. The green vegetarian foods have high content of calcium which is one of the major contributors in strengthening the bones. Also these foods are rich in calcium absorbents namely phosphorus, Vitamin D and magnesium. This green diet is rich in fiber which lowers the risk of lung disease and cancers.

#Reason 7. Makes you Diabetes Free:

Vegetarian diet lowers the possibility of diabetes in the early age. As diabetic patients suffer from the high level of sugar in blood, the Vegetarian diet improves the level of blood sugar making your blood more thick and red. This food contains complex carbohydrates and fiber which help in managing the insulin levels of a body.

#Reason 8. Light on pocket:

It is a well noted fact that vegetarian food is less expensive than non-vegetarian food. Also, the cost of cooking the raw veggie food is less than the latter. Thus on one side if it can lower your grocery bills, it can also decrease your medical bills! It gives you more in less bucks i.e., it has a premium attached to it.

health tips#Reason 9. To stay Calm & Happy:

The intake of fatty acids increases the levels of depression & Anxiety. This kind of mindset can directly affect mental strength. Vegetarian food is believed to be a mood booster. The non vegetarian food is prepared from the animals which have a fear of slaughter in their minds. This fear then transfers to the consumer of that animal. A vegetarian food builds a mental strength of person making him more active and contented.

#Reason 10. For the Sake of Speechless animals:

It is said that if slaughterhouses were made up of glass walls may be everybody would have been a vegetarian. All of us know the cruelty suffered by the innocent animals for making them a food but most of us tend to ignore this for the sake of our tongue taste. Animals are meant to be the man’s friend and not the food. These animals are farmed not in open but in factory where they are crammed into cages and are provided a diet which is rich in antibiotics. In the small crates they can hardly move. So, for the sake of these Godly creatures we can give up the non vegetarian food as the less demand only can lessen the cruelty.

So, vegetarian diet makes you live longer, healthier and also gives you a chance to love the animals and preserve the natural Earth resources. Whatever be your motto, this well nourished diet serves all.  So rather than asking yourself a question why go vegetarian? Start asking, why still you a non vegetarian?

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