Top 10 Reasons To Shun The Consumption Of Soft Drinks

The Soft Drinks are sweet poison which is softly ruining your strong bones. It is a kind of addiction which is sometimes hard to leave. So before you develop this addiction it is important for you to know that you can live by leaving this habit. Here are top 10 reasons which can help you to get rid of this silent killer:

#1 Dental caries:

These soft drinks are loaded with sugar due to which the tooth gets infected and the hard tissues of teeth get destroyed making it weak. The reason of this tooth decay is excessive intake of acidic things. Acid makes teeth weak and more prone to infections. The sugary soft drinks mixed with acid are a harmful combination for the enamel of your tooth.

#2 Contains caffeine:

All the drinks are loaded with caffeine, one of the ingredients found in coffee also. The caffeine leads to sleep disruption and give birth to anxiety if consumed in excess. Caffeine is commonly known as a stimulant drug that acts on Central Nervous system for restoring alertness and getting rid of drowsiness. The caffeine has a direct link to nervous system which controls the whole body so it can affect any organ. Doctors advise to avoid the intake of caffeine during pregnancy. Excessive intake of caffeine can lead to restlessness, irritability, headaches and high pulse rate.

Soft drinks contains sugars sweet poison#3 Acidic in Nature:

Sodas are said to have a pH of 3.2 meaning thereby that they are acidic as their pH is less than 7. The acids namely phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate weakens the bones of human body and the risks of fractures increase. These acids are said to be the absorbent of calcium and thus makes your bones weak. Phosphorous acid interferes with the digestive bile juices prepared by stomach which slows the digestion process.

#4 Disastrous Ingredients:

The water used for manufacturing Soft Drinks is said to be spring water but is actually not. It is not naturally purified water rather it is simple tap water which is the cause of many stomach troubles. The High Fructose Corn Syrup used in preservation of soda is said to be from genetically modified crops which are not believed to have any health benefits. These crops can damage DNA of a person and increase hyperactivity.  If you try to read the ingredients mentioned on any drink, many will be out of our understanding due to which we ignore them and become a victim of these diseases.

#5 Obesity & other Health Issues:

One single glass of soft drink completes the requirement of sugar that our body needs in one whole day. This can explain very clearly how much sugar is loaded in these drinks. Sugar is said to be full of fats and have a tendency to rot the bones as well as teeth. This high content of sugar creates obesity in almost all the persons who consume them. The sugar is also responsible for failure of kidneys in a body. Some drinks contain artificial sweeteners which have adverse effect on health. The soft drink manufacturers are the top most consumers of sugar. This leads to diabetes, emotional instability, high blood pressure, cancer, and irregular heartbeats etc.

 #6 Damage to Growth Cells:

The cells are said to be the building blocks of human body. As the cells grow, our body also grows but the soft drinks specifically the diet drinks are said to possess such ingredients which hamper the growth of cells. Due to this, the cells grow irregular and not in desired shape. They can inactivate the DNA cells and can also lead to allergies, eyes irritation, asthma etc.

#7 Soft Drinks lead to Soft Bones:

The soft drinks are said to be soft not because they are comfortable for your tongue to intake but it has a hidden reason behind of making your strong bones softer.  Bones are said to be the support system of the body and therefore it’s important to keep them healthy and strong. Bones are hard because they contain calcium phosphate and stretchy collagen which is built by the green veggies. But the soft drinks work on opposite theory and absorb these hard factors from your body making it weaker and softer.

harmful soft drink #8 Friend of Tongue but Enemy of Health:

Soft drinks are said to possess only one good quality which is that they are good to taste. The caffeine and sugar together make such a great combination that everybody’s tongue can’t resist it. But it’s popularly believed that Short term benefits destroy the changes of Long term gains and the same fits in this case. Because of no nutritive value attached to it, these drinks are enemy of your God gifted health. Slowly but surely these are harming your health. They are making your immune system weak. So we should avoid consuming these drinks.

#9 Equivalent of cleaners and Pesticides:

Various studies have shown that these soft drinks have the quality to be used as toilet cleaners and contain pesticides in it. The various bans on these drinks are also a proof of this very statement. These drinks are making your stomach a dirty place which one day will lead to disastrous health problems. Your stomach is becoming a dustbin where all these junk gets deposited and then destroys the protective layers of your body.

#10 Hazardous to Environment:

The environment is said to be a common place for the interaction of all living creatures. These industries require huge space to settle the plant as various machines are installed for wide ranging processes namely pouring, bottling, capping, sealing etc. The sugarsneed to be processed which involves lot of heat pressure and thus a contributor of air pollution. The remains of unused or scrapped acids are disposed off through river waters making them acidic and polluted affecting the innocent marine life.

If we can’t give anything to environment, we have no right to take anything from it. The nature has given us many priceless things which can never be ignored. So to conclude we can say that,

Health comes first

So control soft drink’s thirst,

It’s high time to learn

That precious health will not return..

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