Top 10 Sexual Health Myths Busted

Sex is an integral part of our lives, it is not just important but desirable to indulge in sexual activities in order to experience complete physical and emotional well-being. Billions of people spread across the globe either believe that they know sex or pretend to know each and every aspect of it. The curiosity related to sex and sexual health is widespread but unfortunately the true knowledge and conceptualization relating to sexual health is absent.

In fact, we won’t be exaggerating if we quote sexual health as the most ignored aspect of our lives. We may think about it every now and then, but we don’t always have the right information about it. Lack of knowledge and information about sexual concepts give birth to a number of sexual myths. Sexual myths are nothing but false stories regarding sexual diseases and related concepts that spread like wild fire especially on the web and people start believing them to be true.

In order to make people aware about reliable information regarding sexual aspects, firstly these sexual myths need to be busted. And today, we carry the baton of sexual awareness by telling you about top 10 sexual health myths that got busted:

  • STD’s don’t spread through oral sex

Many online information portals say that STD’s spread only while performing vaginal or anal sex but never through oral sex, which is nothing but a myth. There are certain kinds of sexually transmitted infections that can definitely spread through oral sex. For instance, if your partner having an STI like oral herpes performs oral sex on you then, you might catch infection in your genitals.

  • top 10 health tips on sexual health on pregnancyOne can’t get pregnant during menstruation

Many girls and in fact experienced women believe that they cannot get pregnant during periods and thus don’t use any protection while performing sexual intercourse during these days. However in reality, there are still minimal chances of getting pregnant during your periods because it entirely depends on the release of egg from ovaries.

If the ovary releases egg during intercourse, it might get fertilized by sperm. Moreover, a sperm can live up to 5 days in a female’s uterus which means there is enough possibility for one to become pregnant even during periods.

  • A condom can be used twice, if washed

This one is probably the biggest myth that people have about sexual hygiene and health. Condoms are fit to be used only once and never more than that, no matter how properly they are washed after usage. A used condom needs to be thrown away immediately as it can take a drastic toll on you and your partner’s entire sexual health.

  • A girl can’t get pregnant during her first sexual intercourse

This myth definitely needs to be busted because it is doing a lot of harm to the sexual well-being of hundreds of girls every year. Pregnancy has nothing do with your first or last time, it takes place when an egg released by the ovary is fertilized by a sperm. So, the best way of avoiding pregnancy would be not to indulge in sexual activity at all. However, if you still want to minimize the chance of pregnancy during your first or consequent sexual meetings then, practice safe sex.

  • Condom is a guarantee to avoid pregnancy

Condom is a highly recommended product when it comes to sexual intercourse; however there is no guarantee that one can’t get pregnant if condom was used during intercourse. Condom helps to alleviate the risk of spreading STI’s and pregnancy but it doesn’t generate 100% successful results. So, you might need to combine it with birth control pills for better results.

  • Douching helps avoid pregnancy

A number of females feel that douching or peeing is a healthy and natural way of avoiding pregnancy, however the reality is just the opposite. Vagina works on the concept of self-cleansing i.e. it doesn’t require any extra cleaning; it contains natural bacteria that keep it healthy and douching removes all the good bacteria thus causing a threat to the well-being of fallopian tube and uterus. It even makes easier for a woman to get pregnant as it pushes semen into the cervix.

  • sexual health mythsIUD’s are unsafe for adolescents

A number of outdated information on the internet suggests that IUD’s or Intrauterine Devices that are placed into the uterus of females to prevent pregnancy are unsafe for younger girls, which is a complete myth. In reality, IUD’s are highly safe and reliable method of avoiding pregnancy that is equally suitable for females of all age-groups.

  • Birth control pills cause a number of side-effects

Birth control pills is one of the most reliable way of preventing unwanted pregnancy, however a large number of female abstains from using such pills because they fear having side-effects. The side effects may range from weight gain, skin diseases and hormonal disruptions. However, many scientific studies suggest that not all birth control pills cause harmful side-effects and there is no direct connection between all these symptoms and birth control pills.

  • STD’s can spread through other mediums than sexual or physical contact

A large number of people believe that STD’s and sexual infections can spread through solid substances such as toilet seat etc. which is nothing but a myth. STI’s can only be spread through sexual contact such as vaginal, oral or anal sex or skin to skin contact such as kissing or skin rubbing and never from toilet seats or solid substances. Sexually transmitted infections can never live outside a human body for a long period of time, so it can’t stay on the toilet seat for sure.

  • ‘Morning After’ Pill causes abortion

There are at least 40-45 websites on the internet that portray ‘morning after’ pill as abortive agent whereas in reality, it does not cause abortion. The contraceptive pills are in fact an effective way of avoiding pregnancy and have nothing do with abortion. A female needs an abortion only when the female egg is fertilized by male semen which cannot be reversed through a contraceptive pill. The basic function of contraceptive pills is just to help avoid pregnancy.

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