Top 10 tips for a better and fulfilling relationship

Are you having a relationship trouble? Or are you having a hard time with your partner? If yes, then you’ve surely come to right place. Beginning with a relationship is easy but keeping it healthy and fulfilling gives a really hard time to people attached with it. There is not an iota of doubt that a relationship based on love and trust often goes through several rough patches but that doesn’t imply that things are going to remain strained every time.

Two individuals who love and adore each other can definitely make a relationship better by keeping all their differences at bay, if they desire to do so. And in order to make this task easier for you, we’ve come up with Top 10 tips that help you to get a better and fulfilling relationship:

Top 10 tips on better fulfilling relationship#Tip 1.  Know yourself before knowing your partner

A number of people don’t exactly know who they are and what they actually want from their lives and as a result never end up having a fulfilling relationship. The first tip of creating a better relationship is that one must exactly know what one desires to have in life. Have a clear picture of your likes, dislikes, interests and the kind of person you are. This exercise is important because it has often been seen that a person having high self esteem is likely to have a better and healthy relationship with his/her partner.

#Tip 2.  Stop whining about the future

Most of the relationships go through bad times because one of the partners involved tends to spend too much time worrying about the future. The best way of having a healthy relationship is by concentrating on what you have and not by worrying about what you’ll have. Your relationship is here in the moment, so you both must better concentrate on the present circumstances in order to ensure peace and happiness in the coming future times.

#Tip 3.  See the best in each other

It is a universal fact that no individual is perfect and each one of us have some or the other imperfections that make us irritable and annoying. But what is really important to understand here is that this problem lies with every individual on this planet and it’s not just your partner who is imperfect or filled with negative characteristics. You must always remember the fact that you love each other and thus in order to make your relationship better and fulfilling, you must see the best qualities in each other and avoid looking for imperfections.

ways to strengthen your relationship#Tip 4.  Listen to each other

Women are known for their ability to speak and this naturally bestows upon the responsibility of listening on men. But in order to make a relationship work, each of the partners must listen and comprehend the other one. The idea is to devote undivided attention to your partner, when he/she is speaking in a way that makes them realize how important their words are for you. So, give each other an equal chance to play the role of a patient listener.

#Tip 5.  Complement generously

The fact that two people are in a relationship makes it obvious that they admire each other for several reasons and in order to make your relationship healthy and fulfilling, one must keep on showering complements on the other partner. Complement them about how fabulous they look in a particular dress or how wonderful their hair appear and reward each other with big smiles, hugs, kisses and even more if you love listening to your praise! This activity creates a sense of belonging among both the partners which has the power of healing even the most strained relationships.

#Tip 6.  Enjoy each other’s company

In order to make their relationship more fulfilling, a couple must indulge in any fun activity together. Researchers believe that shared satisfaction of indulging in an activity together is extremely healthy for every relationship. This activity could be anything that suits you and your partner’s choice from going to a dancing class to watching a sports game together. So, play together and stay together.

#Tip 7.  Sharing is caring

A relationship becomes fulfilling only when both the people involved in it stop keeping their individual secrets and makes them mutual instead. So, each partner must share what is going on in his/her individual lives and must be responded in the similar manner by the other one. Share your opinions, your views, your problems and not just your happiness and make your relationship healthier than before.

#Tip 8.  Don’t try to control each other

One can definitely come across a number of couples that seem so right for each other but are constantly engaged in the war of controlling each other. Both the partners must understand that you are not a master and your partner is not a slave who needs controlling, give each other rightful treatment they deserve and replace control in your relationship with care.

men cheating his wife#Tip 9.  Fix things as early as possible

Avoiding things and situations often fills up bitterness in a relationship and ruins it sooner or later. So, we advise all the couples to clear up their misunderstandings and doubts as soon as they arise. Don’t waste your time in collecting further evidences because you are no detective, so rise up and reach up to your partner for better explanations and most importantly the truth. Fix things as soon as they arise in your relationship and take measures for keeping them at bay for the rest of your love life.

#Tip 10.  Variety is the spice of life

No, we are not suggesting you to go for variety in relationships; we just want you to try new things with your partner, so as to make your relationship more interesting and spicy. This change or new thing could be anything from a new way to make love or an interesting activity that you feel your partner might enjoy with you. Take chances and spice up your love life instantly but make sure to know your partner’s opinion before hand, basically don’t force them into anything just because you want them to do.

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