Top 10 tips for a great workout

Life today has become extremely fast –paced leaving no or little time for other activities. The world too has become a busy place with people trying to find that little time to fulfill their own desires and needs. This has led to a number of people either obese or a sedentary lifestyle  due to the time constraints put on by the extra work pressure and professional responsibilities  and this leads to the  suffering of some health problem.

Nevertheless, there are people who are passionate about how they look and maintaining a fit body, and they try to do that by joining a gym. Simply by joining a gym, it may not be possible to get the desired results and that is why you need to know the best ways of exercising and formulating a work-out plan that must not only be put in place but should also be followed correctly.

Though it is believed that exercising and maintaining a fit body is extremely challenging, it is not so if there are some strict guidelines followed. Therefore, here is a list of the top 10 tips for a great workout that is effective, result –oriented and very conclusive:

1. Formulating a plan:  It is important to formulate a plan that suits your body and which you want to achieve at the end of a certain time frame which should also be included in the plan. There are many people who want to just look fit and there are others who desire that “6-pack abs” look. So your plan should be formulated in consultation with your trainer and your physician to make sure that the plan does not affect the health in a negative way. The work-out plan should be formulated with different types of exercises included like the cardio exercise, the pull-ups and the push-ups, treadmill, and many others. But the plan must include an exercise regimen that would be helpful in getting the desired result.

2. Consistency in schedule: No weight loss plan or diet plan for weight loss is likely to succeed without consistency. It is very important to exercise regularly and making it a daily schedule is what makes the body building plan succeed. Working out everyday can bring in results which becomes visible within a month and that is why the people have succeeded in getting the body they desire. So formulating a plan that is executed everyday makes a lot of difference.

body building plan

 3. Schedule an exercising routine: Every program must have a schedule which must be followed. So also is the case for an exercising schedule. When formulating a plan ensure you have included all the exercising modules and along with it there must be a schedule which provides a routine for all the daily exercises. The daily routine of a body building exercise must include cardio or aerobic exercises, training to build up the strength and stamina of the muscles and finally interval training which may be an exercise that relaxes the mind like walking.

4. Realistic Goals: When formulating an exercise regimen plan ensure that the goals you have set are realistic and not unachievable. There is no success in running after some goal that cannot be achieved in the set time frame. So consult with your trainer to find out what the realistic goals would be and the time required to achieve them and then formulate a plan for the appropriate exercise regimen accordingly.

 5. Jogging:  It is a great exercise that energizes the body so ensure you have a time slot for it. Jogging at least three days a week is a good way to lose all that extra fat in the body. It is also a good way to regulate blood circulation in the body.  It is a great way to feel the fresh air and get out of the enclosed gym for some time and at the same time it helps to lose some of the extra flab as well as build you calf muscles.

6. Lifting exercises: Include a variety of lifting exercises in your bodily building program. Lifting equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and other machines is excellent to build up the strength of the muscles and the body.

7.  Diet: consult a dietician to make sure you have a diet plan ready and that you gain back all the fat that you lost with your exercise. Eating healthy is one of the basic facts of a body building regimen and hence diet should be given utmost importance in your body building plan.

 exercise regimen 8. Never Exercise:  It is best not to exercise the body when the body is sick with some infection like stomach, chest or throat.  This is likely to delay the healing process of the body and restoring the health will take a longer time. This will lead to missing more exercising days.

 9. During an Injury: When hurt or injured avoid exercising the hurt part like if a leg is hurt you can still continue exercising the normal leg but desist exercising the hurt leg. In case of a muscle cramp or an injury, it is best to overcome it by stopping for a few minutes and resuming the exercises again but on a lighter note.

10. Heavy Exercising: If you have had a day of heavy exercising, it is best to take up light exercises the next day. Light exercising would mean using dumbbells or treadmill for some time just to ease up those tired muscles but never discontinue the next day. It could be slightly painful but keep it light and you will soon overcome it.

These tips are likely to give you results but the time frame should be kept in mind. Don’t look out for results as soon as you have started your body building schedule. Remember to consult with the trainer regularly to monitor your progress and if there is any progress reflected it does not mean that you need to stop. With the help of the trainer, chalk out some revisions on the work-out plan for your exercises.

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