Top 10 Tips To Have A Healthy Stay In Hotel

Most of us travel for vacation and its fun activity to stay in Hotel for some days away from the normal routine. But for most of us travelling and staying in hotels frequently is itself a normal routine. So here are some tips how you can transform cold and lonely hotel room into a warm and healthy place.

#1. Toss the Bed Sheets:

The beauty of the bed is hidden in its sheets. The clean and soothing bed sheet gives a look to the room. So before lying down on bed toss the bed sheets nicely to remove all the dust particles. Also look for the bedbugs and if you find any signs of their existence, request to get your room changed. These bed bugs can make allergies onto your skin creating red and itchy marks all over. Bed bugs are usually brown in color and have a shape of an apple seed. If you are prone to skin allergies it is advised to carry your own sheets along.

Health tips to quit smoking#2. Smoke Free area:

Before booking a room be assured that your room is not in smoking zone of the hotel and also at a considerable distance from it. The smoke zone can ruin your trip as you will be unnecessarily surrounded by the smoking which can make you feel dizzy and uneasy. So have your stay booked in non-smoking area and enjoy the fresh air.

#3. Landscape surroundings:

If you can then book yourself a room which is airy and full of natural light. The beautiful outer surroundings will not only make your room healthy but will also make you feel calm and composed. Sitting in fresh air and enjoying the natural light will boost up your mood. The exquisite landscape outside will win your heart and make you feel happy and fresh. The airy room also helps in exhausting all the bad smells and gives a rejuvenated sense to your room.

#4. Disinfecting:

As the room is used by number of visitors, it should be cleaned very effectively. Every time a visitor leaves and before the entrance of the new it should be ensured that all the commonly touched things are cleaned with disinfectants. The Television remotes, switches, doors handles etc. should be cleaned properly. If necessary, disinfectant sprays should also be used to clean the air of the room and make it dust and infection free.

#5. Have a snack time:

It is always better to carry some snacks with you. As the travel routines can be unpredictable so it is advised to carry some fruits, nuts, cookies along with you. This can give you a feeling of satiety in your room and give you a feel at home. If you want to consume something at odd times you can just enjoy your snacks in your room like you do at your residence. If you are provided with mini refrigerators in the room you can also arrange for some refreshing drinks for yourself in the room itself.

health tips of a room stay#6. Have a Stress buster:

The daily routine job due to which a person has to stay in hotels can inculcate stress in him/her. So it is very necessary to set up a thing or say stress buster in their room to make it healthy. For instance, many people carry the photo frames of their family along with them; some feel stress free by the aroma of their favorite flowers and so on. So make your room healthy and to stay connected with it by using these things as stress busters and feel healthy.

#7. Work Out:

If you are staying usually in hotel rooms then you are not supposed to give up your daily routine. If you have a habit of swimming or working out in the morning or anytime during the day, go with it. Hotels have a provision of exercising facilities for its residents and if your hotel doesn’t have it then you can invest in portable exercising kit and carry it with you. Continuing with your daily routine will keep you healthy and also your room.

#8. Note the exits:

To play it safe while staying in hotel you need to be sure that the nearby exits are in your notice. In case of emergency if you need to rush out or call for help you should have information of all the exits. This will not only keep you safe but also relieve you from mental occupation of staying away from your house. Safety is a very big and important measure to be taken care while you are away as safety saves.

stay in room#9. Avoid reusing:

As the environment is public, it is not advisable to reuse the things. Be it a disposable glass or a glass covered with a plastic lid. During buffet and meal time, don’t use the common glasses. Prefer the plastic sealed ones or own a mini filtered bottle. As the change in your surroundings can expose your health to many risks you should be cautious about reusing. Avoid reusing and make your lifestyle healthier and happier.

#10. Part with the precious things:

As you are going somewhere away from your place, you alone have to manage each and everything from unpacking to assembling and packing again. So it is better if you part with your precious things and make them stay at home only. This will not only make you free from unnecessary botherations but also make you concentrate on the aim of journey. It can relieve you from all sorts of stress of handling and caring your valuables and make your day healthy. The relaxed feeling will give you a sense of belongingness to the room and you will find your room healthy.

So a hotel room can be another ‘home’ if you are in contact with a healthy room. A healthy room can help in relaxing your mind from the hassle of packing and repacking.  Opt for these tips and add more health to your journey.


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