Top 10 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products can ruin your health and lead to the emergence of major diseases in the body, including ulcers, periodontitis, and cancer (due to the presence of carcinogens). If you have already been diagnosed with complications such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), circulatory system constrictions, or other health problems, then it is high time you start planning to leave smoking habits completely to stay fit and healthy. Here are 10 easy tips to quit smoking that can really help you overcome the health complications due to the smoking habits and stay fit for the rest of your life.

 # Tip 1: Self Determination and Strong Will Power

Strong determination and will power play the key role in eliminating smoking habits in a person. Once you realize the ill effects of nicotine consumption, firmly maintain your decision to quit smoking tobacco products completely. This will help you to deal with the difficulties during the initial stages. A positive mind setup knowing that this is actually possible helps to maintain patience. Plan your steps properly that will help you to progress towards your goal finely. Some early preparations should be kept ready at hand that can help you to distract the mind when there is any craving for smoking again.

# Tip 2: Healthy Nicotine Substitutes

There are several herbal smoking ingredients available in the market. These products are free from harmful effects on health. These nicotine replacement products help you to fulfill your cravings without smoking harmful tobacco ingredients. However, some electronic smoking accessories contain nicotine substances in the cartridges. Always verify the ingredients before using. Consult your doctor to find if the product is suitable for use or not.

Health tips to quit smoking# Tip 3: Medical Treatment

If you have already decided to give up smoking completely, then it is important to go for a consultation and medical advice from a doctor. People with chain smoking habits may need to take some medicines during the initial phases, to reduce the severe withdrawal symptoms. Prescribed medication will also reduce the nicotine cravings and traces in the body. There are some prescription and over the counter drugs that help to control nicotine cravings very easily without the risk of side effects.

# Tip 4: Stress Management

Stress, depression and anxiety in the person can force him into smoking even after quitting the tobacco products for quite some time. The stressful mind and higher depression levels are a common phenomenon in the present scenario. Busy schedules, tight work deadlines, competition, inflation, market conditions, and staggering economy are some of the major causes affecting the normal balance in many families. Stress management is an important step in your quitting smoking habits. Listening to music is an effective way to reduce stress and gain peace of mind.

# Tip 5: Healthy Lifestyle

 Lead a healthy routine life to stay fit and active throughout the day. This will provide more energy to the body and help you to stay away from cigarettes. A short duration morning walk, sound sleep of at least 6 hours in the night, proper balanced diet and developing interest in diverse hobbies are some important lifestyle practices that can keep your mind busy and help you to leave the cigarette smoking habits forever.

 # Tip 6: Avoid Hasty Decisions

The decision to quit smoking is a welcome step. But you should not stop using nicotine products completely all of a sudden. This can rouse severe withdrawal symptoms such as anger, frustration, tiredness, insomnia, dizziness, constipation, nicotine cravings etc. The symptoms take around 2 to 4 weeks to fade. To reduce the problems, try to give up smoking gradually by reducing the cigarette smoking intensity.

 # Tip 7: Exercises and Meditation

Stress is an important factor that tempts the smokers to light up more and more cigarettes to relax their mind. However, this only offers a temporary relief. Exercises provide superb support to release stress hormones from the body through sweating. You can also practice meditation sessions during the bedtime and early morning to relieve your stress. Meditation restores peace of the mind and is easy to practice.

# Tip 8: Avoid Caffeine Consumption

ways to quit smokingCaffeine is present in food items like alcohol, chocolates, coffee, cocoa, tea, and many others. These are common ingredients consumed by people everyday. The high concentration of caffeine in the body results in the production and release of stress hormones. The increased stress levels can prompt the person to get back to smoking. Increase fluid intake, including fruit juices, milk, green tea and water to flush out stress, nicotine, and caffeine concentration in the body.

# Tip 9: Socializing and Family Support

One of the most effective ways to quit smoking is to keep your mind engaged so that there is no craving for nicotine consumption. Spend more time with your family members and friends who are your biggest support in this critical phase. Play indoor games, watch movies and have lots of fun to stay away from stressful loneliness. Share your feelings with others to remain peaceful and tension free.

# Tip 10: Acquire Information from Different Available Sources

There are lots of information available online, newspapers, health magazines and many other sources that provide information on the hazardous effects of smoking on the consumer and the other people around. Not only this, there are other stuffs that provide vital details about latest medicines, treatment facilities and other forms of assistance that you can assort to give up smoking. Before you try these methods always consult your doctor.

There may be several obstacles that you will encounter during the treatment and early phases of leaving cigarette smoking. However, it is important to stay calm with the right attitude to avoid smoking again. It is an eminent consideration that when you smoke, you actually pollute the air with toxic elements that can harm people around you including your family members. While experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, you need to take some medical help to control further cravings and reduce the other health complications. A strategic approach can help you control the situations perfectly. So it is advisable that you do some initial homework before employing the initiatives.

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