Top 10 Tips To Stop Bloating

You must’ve encountered a situation when you are dressing up for a big grand party and try to zip your favorite LBD or your favorite pair of jeans but couldn’t, not because you have gained extra pounds but because your stomach is bloated and all your dreams of looking your best that night get shattered. Well, if you have faced such situation before then you are not alone in this because nearly every 3rd person in this world has suffered from bloating and has undergone the stress and anxiety as you at some point of time in his/her life.

There were times when stomach bloating was misunderstood as water weight or fluid retention but today, most of the people encounter this health ailment because of intestinal gas. This build up of gas results into abdominal pain and sudden inflation in the size of your abdomen causing physical discomfort apart from mental disturbance. But not anymore, as one can definitely stop the belly from getting puffy and stay away from bloating by following our top 10 health tips to stop bloating in the sections given below:

#Tip 1:  Fiber up your diet

The most common cause of stomach bloating is constipation because when your body is not able to release waste products, it leads to accumulation of gas in stomach and intestine. Thus, in order to keep your stomach clean and constipation free at all the times make sure to include fiber-rich foods both soluble and insoluble in your diet.

Health tips for stomach Bloating#Tip 2:  Avoid eating raw vegetables

Most of the people who are aware of their health and well-being, try and include lots of raw fruits and vegetables in their diet in order to fill in their body’s nutrients demands. But unfortunately, a large number of such people who indulge in raw veggies end up having a bloated stomach because raw produce especially the veggies prove tough for one’s digestive system and cause havoc over one’s abdomen and intestine. Thus, one must go in for cooked or steamed veggies in order to stop bloating.

#Tip 3:  Include potassium rich foods in your diet

Potassium is one such mineral that is known for keeping bloating at bay by maintaining the fluid content in one’s body. Excess liquids and water retention are often considered the reasons behind stomach puffiness and this is the reason why we recommend you to include potassium containing foods in your diet such as banana, spinach, tomatoes and nuts etc.

#Tip 4:  Enjoy your meals to the fullest

Yes, one can avoid bloating and its after-effects by enjoying one’s meals to the fullest. By enjoying, we don’t mean that you should indulge in rich foods, instead we recommend you to eat slowly and patiently, so that your taste buds can grab each and every flavor present in your food. The basic idea is to prevent bloating by chewing each and every bite of your food properly, so that eating food no more remains a formality; instead it becomes an experience to be cherished without being tough on your stomach.

#Tip 5:  Try and shut your mouth!

Don’t get us wrong, we are just talking about keeping your mouth shut while eating your food. There are some specific food eating habits such as chewing gums, drinking through straw etc. that lead to accumulation of air in one’s food pipe that ultimately causes stomach bloating. So, in order to avoid this, one need to keep a check on chewing gums and smoking. Basically, one must avoid all the activities that lead to air accumulation inside the stomach.

#Tip 6: Say no to processed foods

Processed foods are not just harmful for your body and weight but also pose a threat of bloating and stomach puffiness. Processed and frozen foods are extremely rich in sodium content, which is considered to be one of the biggest cause behind water retention and stomach puffiness in one’s body. So in order to avoid bloating, one must avoid intake of processed foods and if leaving processed food seems unavoidable, then look in for foods that are low on sodium content.

#Tip 7:  Avoid artificial sweeteners and sugars

There are certain diet sodas and sugar free gums that contain bloat inducing sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and mannitol etc. Most of the dieticians and experts thus recommend intake of not more than 2-3 servings of artificially sweetened foods and drinks daily. One needs to say a complete no-no to carbonated drinks as well, not because these contain high sugar content but also because they contain fizz, which results into gas accumulation in one’s stomach leading to bloating.

Top 10 tips to detox your body#Tip 8: Stay hydrated

Most of the people have a misconception that more liquid means more puffiness but staying hydrated shouldn’t be confused with the reason behind bloating. In order to stop bloating, one should consume at least 7-8 glasses of water every day. One can even consume other water-rich foods and fruits such as orange, watermelon and melons etc. for staying hydrated.

#Tip 9:  Try out anti-bloating foods

There are certain foods that help one avoid bloating and stomach puffiness such as parsley, ginger, pineapple and probiotics drinks such as yogurt etc. Good bacteria containing drinks are extremely beneficial for keeping gas and constipation at bay as well. So, one must include ample of such foods and use them appropriately for keeping one-self in good health.

#Tip 10:  Physical workout is important

Our bodies work just like any other machine which means the more it is used, the better it functions. Physical workout and activity helps one get relieved of ailments such as constipation and gas and minimizes the risk of developing stomach puffiness. Physical movement or workout of any kind helps one’s intestinal and abdominal muscles to contract and relax which helps in flushing out the excess gas content. Thus, we recommend all our friends to indulge in some kind of physical activity daily in order to avoid bloating. Even if you don’t get ample time to go to the gym or do yoga, make sure that you walk at least 5-10 minutes regularly after having meals, so that your belly remains in motion and the process of digestion becomes simpler.

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