Top 10 Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a common problem that affects people of all ages. Persistent bad breath issues are embarrassing for everyone and it can make them feel self-conscious and awkward. Most of the bad breath problems results from poor dental hygiene. Bad breath problems are often caused by the bacteria buildup in your mouth – on the tongue, gums and teeth.

Persistent stinky odor in the mouth can be a warning sign of cavities and gum diseases. Sometimes bad breath can be caused by consuming certain strong smelling food items such as onion, garlic, milk-based products or coffee. Some medical conditions such as throat or nose infections, dry mouth, diabetes, gastritis can also lead to bad breath problems. By following a proper hygiene overall which include brushing, flossing, mouth rinse and maintaining a good diet can help you get rid of bad breath problems.

Following tips can help you prevent bad breath effectively as well as keep a good dental health:

# Tip 1Routine Brushing and Flossing

Proper brushing and flossing is significant in maintaining dental hygiene and it will maintain your breath smelling fresh. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, in the morning and at night, and make sure proper cleaning of all areas. You can use any branded fluoride toothpaste for brushing and it also stimulates your gums and help to prevent gum diseases. If you have sensitive teeth, you can use special sensitive formula toothpaste for brushing. It is good to use soft, rounded bristled tooth brush and brush your teeth gently. It is also important to replace your brush once in every 3 to 4 months.

Establishing a regular pattern of flossing is another best way to fight against bad breath problem. Regular flossing helps to remove food debris trapped between your teeth which a brush cannot reach. You can use the finger wrap method or the circle method to floss your teeth. You can also use a flossing tool to make the task easier.

# Tip 2: Clean your tongue properly

Cleaning your tongue is as important as brushing and flossing. The majority of the bacteria harbors on the top of the tongue and this may lead to bad breath problems. Make sure to clean your tongue along with brushing. You can use a tongue cleaner or tongue scraper to remove food particles and bacteria and rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

ways to get rid bad breath# Tip 3: Use quality mouthwash

Mouthwashes can be used as temporary aid for bad breath problems.  Antibacterial mouthwash products can help to deal with oral infection problems, thus improve your breath. Try to use mouthwashes that contains cetylpyridinium chloride, zinc chloride chlorine dioxide, and triclosan which helps to kill bad bacteria.

# Tip 4: Avoid smoking and skip tobacco products

It is a general fact that chewing tobacco products and smoking cigarettes can cause bad breath problems. Individuals who use tobacco products are more likely to develop oral diseases and infections. Smoking increases the chance of plaque buildup in the teeth which is home to bad bacteria. Tobacco products also dry out your mouth which may cause bad breath problems.

# Tip 5: Try to avoid certain food items

Certain type of foods such as onion, garlic and some spicy foods can cause bad breath issues. Acidic drinks such as carbonated drinks and energy drinks can affect the teeth enamel and it is also bad for your breath. Foods such as red meat, carbohydrate contained food products tend to ferment and results in bad breath problems. Drinks such as alcohol and coffee also stimulates bacteria growth and cause unpleasant odor in mouth.

# Tip 6: Eat certain foods for good breath

There are certain foods including fruits and vegetables which can make your breath smell good. Vitamin C contained fruits such as berries, citrus fruits and melons are good to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth and provide fresh breath. Including Vitamin-D rich foods such as salmon and eggs in your diet is also helpful in dealing with bad breath problems. Crunchy foods such as carrots, celery and apple are fiber rich and it is good to munch any of these after meal. It will help remove toxins from the body as well as fight against bad breath. Having yogurt in your diet can effectively reduce bad odor causing bacteria.

# Tip 7: Drink plenty of water

Drinking a lot of water is one the best way to get rid of bad breath problems. Dry mouth can cause bad breath problems easily and drinking plenty of water will keep your mouth moist. Drinking more water will keep your saliva flowing all over the day.

# Tip 8: Try some natural remedies

It is good to use some natural remedies to avoid bad breath problems. Green tea is a good natural option to keep your breath fresh as it contains antibacterial compounds to deal with bad bacteria in your mouth. Herbs such as mint, parsley, cilantro, basil and dill can be used to temporarily mask bad breath in your mouth. These herbs release scented oil when crushed or chewed. In addition herbs like ginger, coriander and cumin are also helpful in curing bad breath issues.

Health Tips to get rid bad breath# Tip 9: Use sugarless chewing gum

Chewing gum can fresh up your breath as it increases the saliva flow in your mouth. It helps your mouth from drying out, thus help to reduce the bad breath problem. Make sure to use sugarless chewing gum.

# Tip 10: Thoroughly rinse your mouth after eating/drinking

Thoroughly rinse your mouth after eating and drinking certain foods and drinks as it will help you easily avoid bad breath problems. Acidic beverages or alcohol lower the ph level in your mouth which allows bad bacteria to flourish and it releases foul smell. No matter what you eat, it is good to rinse your mouth with plain water. It will help to remove the food particles in the mouth and prevent bad breath.

Getting a routine dental check-up is important in maintaining good oral health. Sometimes bad breath can be a symptom of other serious health conditions including liver problems and sinus infections. If you have persistent halitosis, it is good to consult with your physician.

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