Top 10 Ways To Deal With A Person Having Depression

top 10 health tipsStress and anxiety are considered to be part and parcel of an individual’s life these days; in fact a little amount of stress is considered great for improving a person’s performance on work and personal front. However, things tend to complicate when stress starts taking a toll on one’s health and well-being and de-rails a person’s usual lifestyle. This condition of having excess stress and anxiety is often known as depression which has no positive outcomes attached with it.

Depression is a psychological state in which an individual starts isolating himself from worldly affairs and tends to become overly sensitive and insidious. The state of depression not just harms a person suffering from this disorder but also frustrates the loved ones of the sufferer.

People around a person who is depressed and anxious tend to play a significant role in coping up with this situation as their attitude is something that can change the state of mind of the depressed person. If you have a loved one or friend who is suffering from depression or shows symptoms of depression every now and then, then we have a list of top 10 ways in which you can deal with a person having depression without aggravating his/her condition any further:

health tipsNo matter what, I am there for you!

A person suffering from depression is actually having a tough time and no matter how violently or angrily he/she behaves with you, they actually long for your support. Thus, the first step of dealing with a person having depression would be to assure them repeatedly, that no matter what you feel or think I am there for you always and would never leave you alone for sure. Believe us; this reassurance on your part will definitely instill a lot of confidence in a person having emotional issues.

I believe you

An individual having depression symptoms tends to lose his confidence slowly and thus, you must try and instill confidence and believe in them, no matter how worse the present situation turns out to be. Tell them you believe in them and all the things that they feel. This will definitely relieve the depressed person to a lot of extent for sure.

top 10 healthy tipsReassurance is important

A number of people suffering from depression tend to think that nobody around them wants to be with them and their self worth is actually zero. They feel negative and extremely low about their own self. A depressed person needs to be reassured time and again that he/she is not unwanted and people around them need them for sure. In order to reassure a depressed person, we advise you to talk to them as usual and tell them how important they are for you.

Avoid passing judgments

A number of people often tend to pass judgments about how people around them feel and this particular trait needs to be avoided when you are around a depressed person. Never pass statements like ‘you are suffering badly because you think too much’ or ‘you are just making things in your head’ in front of a depressed person. The fact that they are suffering is not because they are more sensitive or emotional than you but because their mind couldn’t handle the pressure of their thoughts. If you cannot sympathize with them then we suggest you to avoid being critical.

 Harsh words or steps wouldn’t help

Usually the near and dear ones of individuals having depression adopt harsh ways of solving this problem. While few warn the depressed person to mend their ways immediately, others tend to take strict actions if personality changes aren’t made quickly. Friends, harsh ways, words or warnings can never solve a depression issue; it can only worsen the entire situation. So, avoid being harsh on depressed people under all circumstances.

health tips for youI understand you are depressed!

These few words from your mouth won’t miraculously change the condition of your loved one having depression but would surely help stabilize their condition. It has often been seen that people avoid using the word ‘depression’ in order to maintain their goodwill and respect in society and resort to adopting secretive ways to solve this problem, which is undesirable. The very first step of treating depression starts from recognizing the fact that your loved one has it. So, tell them clearly that you understand their psychological dilemmas and help them recover from this state.

Comparisons are uncalled for

It is in basic human nature to compare various individuals and situations but we advise you to avoid this activity when dealing with a depressed individual. Whether you’ve been in depression yourself or you know people who’ve had depression episodes, making comparisons is completely uncalled for under all circumstances.

health tipsIt’s not your fault!

Uttering these words in front of the person having depression is not something people usually tend to do but believe us friends, it’s the right statement to make. A number of individuals feel that depression actually reflects on an individual’s inability to take stress and anxiety and symbolizes over-sensitivity and emotional fragility of a person. However in reality, no individual can be held directly responsible for this emotional trauma. So, make your depressed friend or mate believe that you know it’s not their fault and still confidence in them to fight all odds.

Offer help without imposing any

It’s true that people having depression have fragile emotional quotient and they may need your help in order to overcome the same. So, we advise you to offer help without making them obliged to take all your advice. In fact, the best way to offer them help would be by leaving the entire decision of taking help or not on them. Never ever impose your advice or help on them under all circumstances.

We’ll survive this

Depression is just a state of mind that’ll pass over time but in order to make this suffering lesser for your loved one; you need to reassure them time and again that no matter what happens, we’ll survive this. This reassurance will instill a sense of belief in them that they are not alone or isolated in this state of emotional fragility and someone is constantly supporting them.

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