Top 10 Ways- How Eating Helps In Dieting

The title seems to be a dream and quite impossible but you will believe it as you read further. In addition to the water intake, what can suppress your appetite in minutes and give you a long lasting energy is described. So, here are mentioned top ten methods how you can weigh less by eating more.

nutrition health tipsBaked Potatoes:

Potatoes are usually set aside while dieting due to the high presence of carbohydrates. But this little ball possesses lot of energy in itself. Whether boiled or baked it has high content of fiber, proteins and vitamins. A baked potato tastes better than the boiled one. After the consumption of these potatoes you find yourself loaded with energy. So add these baked potatoes in your diet and see the difference it makes to boost your energy levels.

Top 10 Ways- How Eating Helps In DietingCereal:

The cereals have high content of fiber, proteins and unsaturated fat. Cereals when taken with milk or water increase their thickness due to which it takes more time in digestion process keeping your stomach occupied and full. Adding almonds and strawberries with the cereal increase the nutritious content as well as contribute in keeping you full. Adding non starchy veggies in cereals can also give it a taste as well increase its hunger suppressing potential.

How Eating Helps In DietingHit Bean Town:

Soup made up of different kinds of beans has a high quantity of resistant starch. Soups are rich in water content due to which they have a tendency to stay in stomach for long. The thick soup gives energy to your body parts as well. The various beans that can be added are black beans, lentils, red kidney beans and soybeans. You can also consume beans by making it a part of your salad. Beans are satisfying and caloric enough on their own due to which they can provide the required calorie content to the organs along with long lasting energy.

10 Ways- How Eating Helps In DietingDrink it Green:

The Drinks can give you strength. We are not talking about hard drinks! Rather we are looking and suggesting the green Drinks. These drinks are made of spinach, kale, collard, gourd and blended taste of almonds, peaches and pineapple. Quite interesting to make and even more interesting to taste. This drink can give you as much nutrition as are found in a full fledged breakfast. The iron, protein and fiber content present in this gives satiety to your hunger for a long time. It is a nutrient dense snack that can feed your senses.

Fiber healthy eatingDip Yourself in Colors of Watermelon:

The big bumpy watermelon is bumpy in nutrition too. High in water content and low in calorie this fruit deserves applause for its natural value. Also enriched with Vitamin C this is a seasonal fruit in summers but can give a high boost to your dieting methodology. Consume it direct and make your stomach peaceful for a couple of hours.

fiber black rice healthy eatingBlack rice:

Yes you have read it right! While dieting everybody swaps white rice for brown but they are quite unaware that black rice are low in calorie content than the brown rice. Black rice are a lesser known grain but has high values. These are rich in fiber content as well as give birth to antioxidants in the body which ultimately increases the immunity power. Fewer carbohydrates and calories, these grains should become part of your diet from the very first day as it can give you satiety for a long duration.

dieting eggs healthy eating - How Eating Helps In DietingEggs:

Everybody is aware about the protein rich eggs. But most of us don’t know that consumption produce nine amino acids in our body. These acids are not developed by our body itself. These acids help in suppressing the appetite. The high fiber and protein found in Yolk- the yellow part is incomparable. More than half of the egg’s nutrition value is found in this portion and moreover it takes time in the process of digestion. Therefore can control the hunger for long giving energy to the body for long as well.

dieting yogurt healthy eatingGreek Yogurt:

Yogurt is a dairy product made by fermentation of bacteria on milk. Greek Yogurt contains double the protein and less sugar as compared to simple yogurt.  This creamy substance requires no chewing and provides you the content by just swallowing. The contribution of yogurt has been known for ages in shedding pounds. Consumption of proteins increases satiety. It keeps the blood sugar level normal and thus improving your daily energy levels.

dieting popcorn for healthy eatingPopcorn:

The light and crispy corns can suppress your appetite. They are the low density food with high energy levels. Popcorns occupy large space in your stomach making it full and satisfied. The spicy popcorn are better than the plain ones as spices takes more time in digestion and moreover leads to high intake of water. This consequently fills up your stomach and makes it high on food and energy and less on fats and calories.

top 10 health tips on fruitsFruits & Dry Fruits:

Some of the fruits and dry fruits stand out of the league. In dry fruits, pistachios are said to be the lowest on calorie and fats. The mono and poly-unsaturated fats in them reduces the heart disease as well. Almond butter is also rich in keeping the satiety level at the high. Even a raspberry which is high in Vitamin C content and is well known as cancer fighting antioxidant keeps body radical free and therefore consumes less energy from the body. The pectin found in Apples has the natural capability to slow digestion and feeds hunger which gives a sense of fullness.

These Top 10 ways will definitely help you in getting slimmer and shedding those extra pounds. These are not only nutritious and health lovers but are also craved by their consumers. These various meal combinations will make you lose weight but will help you in gaining lots of energy and also make you rich by loading your nutrition bank. Must try these meals and notice the difference in you.

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    Very good article with lots of useful tips on best foods to help our diets

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