Top 10 ways for Menstrual Cramps Relief

Mostly women dread period cycles due to painful cramps. This is quite common amongst women causing serious discomfort. Women, largely adolescent girls suffer from severe cramps in the abdomen during their menstruation. The pain can be extremely unbearable at times that the girls end up not going to school, work and events instead lie desolately in bed, and cry.

Severe period pain and discomfort while flowing out is technically known as dysmenorrhea in medical terminology. The worst thing about these cramps is that they occur every single month, for many years of your life. To be precise, life can be pretty dreary if you don’t discover an effectual stratagem for controlling the menstrual pain.

Causes of Severe menstrual Pain:

The menstrual cycle takes place after 21 to 28 days approximately; considering that fact that every woman is different and have dissimilar body compositions. The cycle commences when a woman’s body is on the verge of break down its uterine lining and is all set to free hormones. These hormones are responsible to stimulate the muscles in the womb, further leading to contraction. The process is generally similar to that of a delivery where the uterine lining is pushed out all the way through the vagina.

These muscles are exceptionally strong and all set to take the pressure. Usually the reasons of the pain can be many; increased levels of prostaglandins could be for the reason that contracts the uterus muscles much more rapidly, or the reason could also be the lesser blood supply headed for uterus at the time of muscles contraction that eventually is not as much as of oxygen supply. These simply produce cramps more painful than usual.

Much needed thing here is menstrual cramps relief! Women are unacquainted of the helpful natural remedies that can be of great help to make their periods less painful and comfortable. You can try the remedies explained below and see if it works for you, to accomplish maximum result you may try them all simultaneously.

#1. Proper Chiropractic Care:

Not everyone knows that spine has a direct link to the period pain.  There is a well-built relationship between our nervous system and the reproductive organs. In simple words, the ovaries and uterus is linked to the spinal cord through the sensory nerves. The nervous system ought to be capable to transmit information to the organs through the nerves, to make the reproductive organs function well. Any blockage noted can result in discomfort and severe pain. This can be reduced only by proper Chiropractic Care.

#2. Keep up a healthy body weight:

Any imbalance that occurs in fat cells generates a hormone called estrogen and also leads to uterine cramps. So, it is very important for females to maintain a hale and hearty weight.

Workout - Top 10 ways for Menstrual Cramps Relief#3. Regular Exercise:

Exercise reduces your stress level and it releases endorphins into system. Endorphins will help in dipping the pain. Exercises like stretching can also reduce the menstrual pain, but do not rush! As forceful exercises can exacerbate the cramps. Yoga, swimming, or simply a walk can do wonders.

#4. Say No to Coffee:

Coffee has caffeine which is a recognized vasoconstrictor – it contracts the blood vessels that nosh the uterus.  If can’t give on coffee completely, at least reduce its intake or avoid consuming it just a week before the cycle.

#5. Drink plenty of water:

Drink minimum 10 glasses of water every day, this also reduces bloating, and facilitate to retain hormone balance. Dehydration can serve to exaggerate the cramps, so you need to be well hydrated. Indulge in drinking plenty of liquids specially water earlier and at the time of your periods. Consuming herbal teas can also be helpful with their healing properties. Chamomile tea and green tea are great to minimize the severity of the cramps. Raspberry tea is regarded to be a mild uterine stimulant.  Ginger tea is also great. Ginger aids to ease the period cramps and the abdominal pain, also relieves several other painful symptoms. Try adding lemon or honey in the tea this will taste better. Do not feel restricted to add ginger while cooking your food.

Health tips on vegetarian food#6. Eat good food:

Green foods are considered to be a rich source of calcium, magnesium and various other micronutrients.  Such nutrients are vital for arbitration of muscle contractions. Green vegetables are great in cleansing also. For instance the dandelion greens are bitter, but it has a diuretic effect which results in plummeting bloating. Also consume fiber-rich foods particularly if you suffer from constipation during your periods. These allow better digestion.

#7. Hot Water bottle or heat pads:

During the menstrual cramping the hot water bottle and heat pad on your abdomen can do wonders. They relax your muscles and mitigate the pain. Consider sauna baths and long hot showers, these are also brilliant pain relievers.

#8. Massage, Reflexology and acupuncture:

Getting a massage done relieves stress and is a great method to fight the cramps; it relaxes the nervous system and promotes constant blood flow. Don’t forget to inform them about your menstrual cycle. They should focus on main areas and use that are gentle during your cramps. Reflexology and acupuncture can also eliminate cramps. Indulge!

Health tips on menstrual cycle#9. Birth Control Pills:

If the pain is intolerable, consider to take the birth control pills, as this will regulate your cycle well and help you maintain the hormonal balance. This significantly trims down the rigorousness of menstrual cramps.


#10. Supplement Intake:

Also consider supplements as the medical studies have verified that vitamins and assured dietary supplements such as Vitamin B-1, B6, Vitamin E and Omega-3 supplement, also zinc and calcium extensively reduce cramps during bleeding. Regular intake of calcium causes less bloating and pain. Eat nuts berries and tomatoes; these largely contain enormous amounts of nutrients.

Also, do not forget that excessive pain during menstruation can be an indication of some serious core medical issue, like a problem with the uterine anatomy, a uterine infection known as endometriosis. Consult your Doctor right away in case you suffer uncontrollable pain. May you have smooth menstruation cycles!

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