Top 10 Ways Your Personality Traits Affect Your Body Weight

Increased body weight and obesity are definitely the biggest problems that our generation is facing today. Medical practitioners and dieticians often regard the sedentary lifestyle accompanied by unbalanced food-habits as the biggest reason behind weight gain in an individual. But body weight and increase in it has a lot to do with our entire personality and gene makeup.

From time to time, several researches have been conducted to determine the relationship between an individual’s personality traits and his/her body weight and nearly 10 ways have been discovered so far in which your personality affects your body weight, a comprehensive list of which is enlisted below:

  • personality affects body weightThe early risers

You all must have heard a phrase, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Well friends, this quote has definitely some substance and truth attached to it. The term early risers refer to the people who get up early in the morning after taking a full-night sleep and according to several studies, it has been determined that such people are likely to stay leaner all their lives and won’t gain weight as compared to the people who have the habit of getting up late in the morning.

  • The sleep deprived lot!

There are a number of people and especially youngsters who tend to avoid their sleep in order to do some fun and action in the night. No matter you are watching a movie or making assignments for tomorrow’s presentation, if you are in the habit of going to bed after midnight then, you surely are prone to weight gain. On the other hand, if an individual goes to bed early, there are plenty of chances that he would never encounter weight issues.

  • Impulsiveness is bad for weight

Impulsiveness is a personality characteristic in which a person tends to react and take decision without giving it a due thought and according to studies your impulsiveness can add several pounds to your weight. Impulsive people who tend to apply this very characteristic to their food choices and habits often suffer from weight issues and find it hard to lose weight.

  • People-pleaser vs. self-pleaser

People can generally be categorized into two lots- the one who please others and the one who please themselves. According to research on personality traits, it has been found that individuals who try to please others have more chances of encountering weight problems as they tend to ignore their own needs and desires and thus have very little time to ponder upon what they should eat and what not. On the other hand, individuals who are more self-centered concentrate on their own-self and thus remain leaner and fitter.

  • The sensitive stress-takers

People who are more sensitive towards various situations in life and prone to stress, are likely to suffer from weight and obesity issues than the ones who are happy-go-lucky and easygoing. Stress is considered to be the biggest impediment in achieving weight loss success and thus stress-takers are more prone to several diseases apart from developing weight issues.

  • An introvert vs. an extrovert

An introvert is a person who is a little shy and reserved especially when it comes to meeting new people and often takes time to come out of the shell whereas an extrovert is someone who opens up instantly and likes socializing. According to several studies, it has been found that an introvert is likely to stay fitter and leaner than an extrovert because the former would choose sitting at home than socializing, which helps him/her to maintain body weight as compared to the latter.

  • Top 10 Ways Your Personality Traits Affect Your Body WeightThe party throwers and lovers

Partying is definitely an amazing way of rejuvenating ourselves and helps one socializing, however your habit of partying hard could definitely make you fat. According to researchers, people who love throwing and attending parties are subjected to sedentary lifestyles and develop bad-food habits which can disturb their normal body weight. On the other hand, the people who love to stay at home in the company of their family and friends are likely to be fitter and healthier than the former.

  • People with high self esteem and self-confidence

Individuals who have high self esteem and self-confidence are the ones who love themselves unconditionally and would never ignore their own-self for anything or anybody and this is the reason why such people are less prone to weight issues and have better body weight. The people having low self-esteem are often affected by various issues and talks and are more anxious and stressful, thus harming their own health and body weight.

  • The extremists

Several people have extreme mood-swings i.e. they are either too happy or too sad which implies that they are far from normal behavior and in the midst of this extreme behavior, they tend to ignore their health and as a result gain weight. Unlike the extremist, there are people who have normal behavior and encounter lesser mood swings which literally helps them to stay away from bad food habits and sedentary lifestyle, thus protecting their body weight.

  • The quieter ones vs. talkative ones

There are generally two kinds of people- the first ones, that like to remain quiet and composed all the times and the second ones, who like talking continuously and hate listening to others. According to several studies, the people who tend to remain quiet and composed are more likely to stay fit and lean as compared to the ones who like chit-chatting all the times. The reason for this finding is quite simple to understand, the people who talk less tend to waste lesser energy which means they can utilize the same on more productive tasks such as exercise and making healthy food-choices whereas on the other hand, people who talk more, waste a whole lot of their energy and thus often choose junk and unhealthy food over healthy one, which ultimately affects their body weight and they even find it very hard to come back in shape.

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