Top 10 Ways That’ll Help You Manage Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are often considered to be our body’s normal reaction to situations that we face difficulty in coping up with. Normally people have a misconception that stress- no matter how it is generated ruins one’s health and well-being. But in reality the same is not true as some amount of stress brings out positive changes in our lives and keep us alert and attentive all the time. We always hear a quote that ‘excess of everything is bad’ and mental stress too makes no exception here. Extreme amount of stress and anxiety may cause havoc over one’s cardio- vascular and neurological systems and even leads to ailments such as diabetes, obesity and depression.

There are a number of reasons that can stress out a person from work deadline to uncertain personal space and from family problems to examination fear. But no matter what the reason, taking too much stress is undesirable and one must find positive and healthy ways to keep stress and anxiety at bay. In order to help you out with the same, we’ve come up with top 10 ways that’ll help you manage stress and anxiety for sure:

Top 10 ways that’ll help you manage stress and anxiety

  • Take a break

Taking a break from the thing that is giving you stress may seem bizarre to some of you but believe us, it is the most amazing way of relaxing your mind. When our mind is engaged in a task that is keeping us on our toes, our mind suddenly develops an attitude that this particular thing can’t be done and we start contradicting our mind, this whole activity leads to nothing but stress. Thus in order to avoid the same, we recommend you to give your mind a little break to relax and rejuvenate, so that it starts thinking positively and relieves you of all the stress.

  • Be assertive

Most of the individuals behave aggressively in a crisis situation and become angry and defensive while facing stressors. Such kind of strategy to deal with difficult situations not just increases your stress but also ruins one’s relationship with others. So, the best way of dealing with stressful situations is by being assertive rather than aggressive. Express your feelings, thoughts and inner dilemmas instead of channelizing your energy into anger and anguish.

  • Rule your time!

Lack of time or mismanagement of time is definitely one of the biggest stressor for the modern man. We live in the times where time is considered to be money and in fact much more valuable than that, thus a person having a little time and more chores is bound to get stressed and anxious. The best way of avoiding this stressor is by managing your time well, your motto in life should be ruling the time and not to be ruled by time. Try and manage your time according to your work and don’t forget to include some rejuvenating activities in that to-do-list.

  • How about taking a full-night sleep?

Managing work and studies is extremely important but what is equally important is getting a full-night sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest reasons for those extreme cases of stress and depression that ruin your physical and mental well-being. Sleep not just helps your body recover physically but also calms down and reenergizes your mind for facing new challenges the very-next day. So in order to manage stress and anxiety, take 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

  • Get back to your friends

Talking to someone about your current stressful situation could prove really helpful in keeping oneself in good mood. For beating feelings of stress and anxiety, one must get in touch with friends or the people you trust completely. Going on a brunch once in a while and having heart to heart conversation with friends would not just relieve you from stress but would also keep your social circle alive.

  • Write it off!

One of the most useful ways of writing off your stress is actually by writing it down. There is not an iota of doubt that a person in stress has a lot going on his/her mind, there are things which are hard to explain and there are situations which are impossible to talk about. Under such circumstances, the best way of channeling out your stress is by writing it on a piece of paper or in a diary. Make diary your best buddy and write all what you feel like, this activity would not just make you feel light and stress free but would also let you know what is really bothering you.

  • Learn to say ‘NO’

It has often been seen that people who try to satisfy everyone are the ones who suffer miserably in life. They are the ones who in order to keep everyone happy make themselves stressed and depressed due to increased expectations and hopes. The most useful way of avoiding such kind of stress is by learning to say the ‘NO’ word. Say No to things and work that you feel is beyond your limits or morals and avoid unnecessary stress in your life.

Manage Stress And Anxiety

  • Try out meditation

Stress has become one of the most inevitable parts of our lives and no matter what we do or say, we can’t seem to avoid it completely. But we certainly can ease up the effects of stress on our body by practicing meditation. There are a number of types of meditation and breathing techniques that help to keep our minds calm and stress free, so one must practice them regularly.

  • Take out time for your hobbies and interests

A downfall in professional life or a lower grade in exam may give you a lot of stress but it certainly doesn’t imply that you are a failure in life. In order to feel stress free and light, always take time for your hobbies and interests, this is because indulging in your favorite activity, be it playing football or painting, would make you happy and would definitely brighten up your mood besides lowering the stress levels.

  • Be optimistic

This one is like the most cliché advice you’ll ever get while being stressed but believe us, it works wonders. Thinking positively about each and every situation would not really solve all your problems but would definitely give you the spirit of fighting all odds and would make you more confident about yourself.


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