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Eight Treasure Porridge 八宝粥

Eight Treasure Porridge 八宝粥

I was walking pass a chinese herbal store in Jurong Point Shopping Mall (Singapore) and notice there is an area that sells different types of healthy porridges that are ready mixed for customers to buy and cook at home.

Yue Hwa for eight treasure porridge

Many people told me before that eight treasure porridge is good for our health, I went to search for it and came out with different nutrition facts, so I don’t want to state over here, google it yourself. :)

Yue Hwa sell eight treasure porridge

Picture of eight treasure porridge


This is my first experience cooking this porridge, doing research from different website with their different recipes, tried 2 times, and came out with this simple ingredients.

eight treasure porridge ingredients

The photo shown is the one I bought from Yue Hwa shop is already ready mixed. On the internet there are slightly different from what I have, if you cannot able to buy those pre-mixed,  I can briefly name some of them, or you can easily search from the internet.

1) Green bean

2) Red bean

3) Corn

4) Hushed Buckwheat

5) peanut

6) barley

7) kidney bean

8) Black rice

First of all, you need to wash them and soak for a night, allowing it to get soften and ready to cook for the next day, if not you will take forever to cook it! :p

Oh by the way I used about slightly 1 and a half cup, it is up to you whether how much you need.

After soaking the mixed ingredients, pour away the water and put in 3 cups of water and boil for 1 hour, small to medium fire. (check after half hour and see if they stick the pot, if yes you may need to stir it once in a while)

eight treasure porridge with rice

Next, put half cup of glutinous rice.

red Dates in eight treasure porridge

and then a few red dates

orange skin for eight treasure porridge

Lastly, washed orange skin. This photo shows orange skin is peel from one whole orange, end up the porridge too strong orange taste and smell, too many. You only need half of it, or maybe slightly less than half, cut into smaller pieces.

Boil for another hour. Make sure you need to stir them more often, if not the porridge will start to stick to the pot.

stir the eight treasure porridge

Total estimated cooking time is 2 hours, maybe more maybe less depend how you want the texture of the porridge to be. I like it to be everything soft, cooked for around 2 hour 15 to 30 mins.

Remember to put some rock sugar for bring up the taste!

rock sugar for eight treasure porridge


Don’t expect this porridge to be delicious, it is suppose to be plain, pleasant and healthy meal. To me, I treat it as a dessert, I will put in the fridge and eat it while it is cold. :)

Note: This is my beginner Eight Treasure Porridge cooking experience,

don’t blame me if you don’t like it. Anyway it wasn’t bad afterall, I just modified from several website, taste wouldn’t be much difference. hehe……. :p

Please leave me some comments if you have better recipe.

Thank you.

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