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top 10 health tipsHaving a very relaxing trip, sitting down on a windy cafe, with a very nice beach, I decided to write my very first personal blog.

And Hi everyone, i am Elson, right here you see now is the beach just in front of me. No crowd, no boat, no human traffic, friendly and helpful staffs. I don’t say this is a perfect beach, but if you are thinking of a cheap and affordable place to relax and let go of your mind out of a city area, well…this is place I would recommend, BUT don’t expect anything fanciful,  don’t expect any nice shopping, or any hunks and babes, It is just you, beach and resort. hmmm…Wifi kinda slow, use only at lobby, I would recommend u to buy an internet prepaid card, although it is use for 14 days, but it cost only about SGD $6.00

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Internet prepaid card at SGD $6.00 for 14 days

Cabana Bintan Beach Resort

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