Truth about Your Fitness Myths

People have become so fervent for a thinner and attractive body that they have stopped thinking underlying facts of a fitness regimen. You have access to information, but have you ever wondered that the information you have collected is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You have given it a concern or not, we have done this job for you and unveiled the truth about your fitness myths. This is because, what you know is the half-truth and what we are going to tell you is the other half. Keep on reading to know the myths and the truth behind it.

Crunches for Flat Abs

While some of you believe that the crunches is the most common and recommended exercise for flat abs, you do not know that it is not actually what it seems to be. Crunches aren’t the best workout you can choose to get your midsection slimmer. Though they work on a small part of your abs, the moves involved in it affect your distal trunk covering your shoulders, butt and your entire core. This makes it compulsory for you to be careful when doing crunches and make sure that the form you are using is proper and done under the aegis of an expert instructor.

Sweating for 30 minutes ensure good health

This is another fitness myth that most people do not know about. People have a misconception that more they sweat, more will be the calories they burn. But, recent researches have proved that a mere 10-minute workout three times in a day can do better to boost your cardiovascular health. Majority of diet you find today are focused on short workouts, as quick sessions burn more fat than the desired. It has also been noticed that people who have split their walk into three segments instead of doing a 30-minute stroll have lower their blood pressure readings. But, you need to be active at least for four days a week in order to lose some pounds and get slimmer.

Workout Fitness MythsMore gym- the ultimate way to get slimmer

You want to stay fit and to do so you visit gym every day. Do you know that visiting gym every single day may injure you? Yes that’s true, as excessive training may limit the improvements taking place in your body, which you could have earned otherwise. Even if you do not go gym daily, you need to be wary of this fitness myth and take regular breaks between the sessions. Also, do not stick to a single workout, as following the same training pattern may also injure you.

Improper sleep leads to weight gain

It was the biggest belief that insufficient sleeping hours have a direct impact on your beauty and your body. Those who sleep for good seven to eight hours are slimmer than those who don’t. But recent researches have shown that partial sleep boosts the production of Ghrelin, a hormone that triggers craving.

Yoga is not that good to burn calories

Most people do yoga for better strength and flexibility, but they do not know that it burns more calories than an aerobic activity. A 50-minute session of power yoga burns 237 calories that is just too good to shed your extra pounds.

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