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Obesity has become a common problem all over the world. Researchers and doctors have been trying to find ways and means to treat this problem but alas, the best solution still eludes us. Public health authorities have been saying over and over again that the best way to lose weight would be to cut down the fat from your diet. However, obesity rates keep going up. A lot of obesity experts and dietitians have said that we should take less fatty food if we want to lose weight. That is actually a misconception. A good way to losing weight would be by consuming fewer carbohydrates. Regular food that we eat from young like rice, noodles, potatoes and pasta are actually what causes us to put on weight. Food that our parents told us to stay away from like burgers, steak, cheese and even sour cream can actually keep our heart healthy and lose weight. A low carb diet would actually work better than a low fat diet if one wants to lose more weight.

teach you how to weight lossWe Eat More Than We Exercise People generally think that one puts on weight because we overeat and do not exercise enough to burn away all the excess fat that is deposited into our body. However, by exercising and eating less, you will only be causing your body to feel hungrier and in the end you may end up over eating and putting on more weight. Won’t this be just a waste of time in the end? You exercise to maintain your weight but if you skip meals and burn more energy, you will have the urge to want to eat more. People have to learn to understand that one should not overeat in order to not put on more weight.

Does Dieting Help? To a certain extent, dieting does work if you want to lose some weight. However, if done the wrong way, one may “bounce” back and gain even more weight than before. Let’s face it, dieting is hard! Not everyone has the discipline and mental strength to stick to one’s diet and hence the chances of cheating and not losing weight are inevitable. Doctors have been telling us to eat lesser but if we eat lesser, won’t that just make us hungrier and in the end we eat more and put on more weight as a result. At the same time, experts are saying that gluttony and sloth are responsible for weight gain. Doctors will tell you that they know no diet works, and that’s why pharmaceutical companies have come up with some anti-obesity drug or fat burning medicine to aid in weight loss. It’s difficult to tell an obese person to eat lesser because if they could do that in the first place they wouldn’t be in the shape that they are in right now.

Exercise is the Cure? Doctors and nutritionists always say that we should eat lesser and exercise more. This is the exact formula to making one hungry! Experts tend to forget that the more exercise we do, the more energy we burn and that causes us to get hungry easily. In fact, by exercising more, one may put on muscle and that will add to one’s weight. Some people may end up skipping a meal but that is not the healthy way to lose weight. The proper way should be to wait at least half an hour after a workout before having your meal but how many people can actually wait that long before eating. Some may even feel hungrier and end up eating more than they should. We are not saying that exercise will not help in weight loss, but it is more effective as a way to maintain one’s weight rather than by losing it.

The Best of East and West?  Some people believe that the Eastern way of Acupuncture may aid in some ways in losing weight. Some pressure points help stimulate the blood flow and thus help to build one’s metabolism rate. Other pressure points help in curbing the urge to eat and may reduce one’s appetite in the long run. This would go hand in hand if we combine it with Western method of dieting. By maintaining a well-balanced diet of low carb, fruits, vegetables and protein, one may be able to lose weight while still being able to consume the kind of food that they eat. Again, by not over eating and watching what you eat, one will be able to lose weight and see results over a short period of time.

Does Counting Calories Help In Weight Loss? How accurately can one count calories and keep up with it? The number of calories that you need depends on the size of your body and your level of activity. A large person requires more calories than a small person, an active person requires more calories than a sedentary person, and men require more calories than women. Let’s look at this from another perspective. If we had a 100 calorie apple in one hand and a bag of 100 calorie cookies in the other, we would take it as being the “same” due to the number of calories the item had. This analysis by itself is already wrong. It is quite difficult to match calories in to calories out. No matter how good one is at counting calories, it will not be accurate. If this method was so effective, why is it that there are still so many of us who are trying to lose weight?

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?  From young, our parents have told us to stay away from fried food, potatoes, sweets, pasta, basically refined carbohydrates and starches that were fattening. And they were right! These foods literally make you fat. Sweets are probably the worst, along with sugar-water combinations, which can be anything from fruit juice to Coca-Cola. The reason is that refined carbohydrates raise your insulin levels. Insulin is the main hormone that regulates your fat levels.

So since we know that insulin is the cause of weight gain, we must therefore learn to eat food that would keep our insulin levels low. One thing to take note of is that fat cells do not generate after a person has hit puberty. As your body stores more fat, the number of fat cells remains the same. Each fat cell simply gets bigger! There are two exceptions as to when the body might produce more fat cells and that is if an adult gains a significant amount of weight or has liposuction performed. So what is the best way to lose weight? Dr Atkins has the answer.

tips to lose weightA Low Carb Diet Is The Key!  A lot of people may not even think of going on the Atkins diet as most carbohydrates like rice, pasta and potatoes are common staples in our daily diet. Asians especially are used to having rice and noodles daily so by asking them to NOT eat these food is simply ridiculous. However, by replacing these food types with meat and fish, one can still have a proper meal and lose weight. Have a burger but without the bun and maybe use lettuce to replace the bun instead. Go for charbroiled chicken with green salad sans the Thousand Island dressing and instead use olive oil. You may eat as much of these protein food as you want until you feel satisfied, you will see weight loss in no time. You may go on this diet and have eggs and sausages for breakfast but still not feel hungry at lunch time.

However, if you go on a low fat diet, you may seem to be hungry every now and then. Protein digests slower which will essentially keep one less hungry. By being less hungry, one will not consume unnecessary calories. The best kept secret however, is from the sea!

Extra Help To Lose Weight  If you want something that will help more in losing weight, start packing in salmon and tuna. Research has shown that leptin, which is a hormone in your body is what influences your metabolism rate. Tuna especially is helpful as it is high in protein but low in calories. Tuna has benefits that go beyond being a low calorie, high protein food. Healthy fats reduce the occurrence of heart disease, protect you from cancer and other diseases, and may even keep you from gaining weight. Tuna and Salmon are also high in Omega 3 fatty acids. These Fatty acids known for raising good cholesterol, protecting the heart, reducing the risk of stroke, protecting the body from inflammation, and warding off cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease. Omega 3 acids can also help one in maintaining your leptin levels. For low fat diets, your leptin levels may drop drastically causing one to feel the urge to eat more. Omega 3 helps to keep one feeling satisfied while maintaining a low calorie diet.

A Low-Carb Diet is Better Than A Low Fat Diet  Doctors have been telling those who want to lose weight to stick to a low fat diet. This means more carbohydrates and less food which is high in protein. Research have shown otherwise that heart disease risk factors improve more on this kind of low-carb diet than on the low-fat, low-calorie diet that most doctors and experts tell us to go on. By Going on a low carb diet, your HDL levels go up which is the most meaningful number in terms of heart health. Your cholesterol levels drop, your insulin levels go down and best of all your blood pressure drops. This so called low fat diet which has been promoted so widely in the past is now being frowned upon because it ends up causing us to be high in carbohydrates which cause one to put on more weight.weight lost

Having A Weight Problem May Not Be Your Fault.  Much research have been done to understand why obese people do not have the mental strength to stay slim like lean individuals. Society has also caused one to look at obese individuals as lazy and do not have the mental discipline to eat lesser and have a well-balanced diet. Yes, this may be one of the reasons why one may be fat, but we must not forget that this is not just the only reason why an individual has problems losing weight. How we lose weight depends on our individual body system.

Not everyone gets fat from eating carbohydrates – it has to do with how sensitive your cells are to insulin and specifically how sensitive your fat cells are versus your muscle cells. You will notice that those individual who have weight problems are those who take a lot of carbs in their diet. Over the years of constantly being on a diet with carbs will make it hard for one to shed weight.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? NO!  One must be careful though when switching to a low carb diet. Some individuals may feel weak and low on energy levels when they do not consume their regular amount of carbohydrates. The most effective way would be to go slow, do not completely remove all the carbs from your diet.

Take it step by step and slowly. Maybe start with going one meal a day without any carbs. Once your body gets accustom to it then try 2 meals. Once you start losing weight, you will find that your appetite will get smaller. You won’t feel as hungry and you won’t feel the urge to have carbs as much as before. We should go back to basics. During the time of the caveman, the hunters only ate meat from animals and fish and consumed vegetables and plants to survive. There was no such thing as rice and noodles back then. If our ancestors could survive on such a diet, why can’t we? Don’t eat food that makes you put on weight, but other than that, enjoy whatever other food there is.

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