Why sleeping in over the weekend is a bad idea.

As many may think, sleeping in over the weekend does not help one to catch up on the lack of sleep during the week. Lack of sleep has an effect that lasts longer than a single day, and people who rack up a sleep deficit during the week then think they can catch up by sleeping extra hours on the weekend are setting themselves up for trouble. US researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine did a case study with a group of participants. Despite taking a 10-hours long recovery sleep, the study participants – who had only four hours of sleep for a few nights in a row – showed deficits in attention and reaction time worsened over the course of the study. Study author Daniel A. Cohen, MD, from the division of sleep medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston says “Getting two to three weeks of less than six hours per night causes performance to deteriorate faster for each hour spent awake.”

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