Are you wondering about your ‘hair loss’ and its ‘prevention’?

Our hair is one of the most valuable assets that we have and they are deeply related with your confidence, self image and appearance. That is the main reason why every one wants that their hair always remain healthy and lustrous so that they can look good and attractive. Healthy hair is now associated with:

  •  Better appearance:

The luster and the well being of the hair are correlated with the dazzling appearance. Many celebrities tend to invest millions on having attractive and shiny hair. Jennifer Aniston is known world wide for amazing hair and you can also enhance your appearance by taking proper care of your hair.

  •  Confidence and boosting self-image:

Secondly, it plays crucial role in determining the confidence level of person. There may be many people around you who are facing baldness and they tend to suffer from low self image. Hence, to keep up your spirit, you have to keep the health of our hair.

  •   Professional success:

There are many professions especially in glamour world that people are increasingly becoming conscious of their hair. They indulge in many treatments, therapies, messages to nourish their hair. Even on normal front the people with healthy hair tend to attract attention and are socially approved that enhances their chances of recognition in their chosen profession.

  • Finding better partner:

Of course! You deny it or not, hair tend to be a very significant feature that people notice in their partners and this tend to make way for further attraction.  So if you are looking to mesmerize the opposite sex then you should resolve to take care of your hair in better manner.

  •   Enjoying new hairstyles:

Certainly, you can enjoy plethora of hairstyle and experiment ceaselessly if you have nice hair to begin with. It is therefore quintessential to assure that your hair remain healthy throughout.

  •  Being in vogue:

Everybody wants to be in fashion and adopting the latest hairstyles is a sure way to stay ahead of the game. This can happen only when you have good hair to make way for fashionable trends. This may be in coloring, hairstyles, hair accessories, straightening, curls etc.

  •   Scope of a ‘makeover’:

Your hair can make or mar your personality and appearance to a great deal. So for those who are looking for makeover, changing their hair styles and enhancing the health of their hair can be a significant step towards desirable results of stunning makeover!

So here we come one –to-one with the social, emotional and psychological need of healthy and beautiful hair. This makes us realize its indelible importance in our life. But still there are some aspects about hair that we tend to ignore. But not anymore! You will be given thorough insight into the health of your hair to make sure that your conscientious actions enhance the well being of your hair.

hair lossFirst of all, our majority of hair is in growth stage that is called “anagen” and that’s why average person witnesses average 6 inches per year. But more often than not, most of us are suffering from hair loss and this cause lot of concern and anxiety. Although, normal Hair loss is natural process, yet when it becomes excessive then surely you need to become proactive in taking care of your hair and prevent the loss completely. There are numerous reason that are responsible for the hair loss that ranges from common causes like  dandruff, stress, specific nutritional deficiency, lack of sleep, excessive oil to serious medical conditions. These factors or causes thinning of scalp hair that results in falling of hair, dramatically. If the situation persists, it may lead to baldness as well. The following points will discuss the major cause of the hair loss that is prevalent in modern people, this will ensure that you can have proper insight into the whole matter and can take conscientious steps to control excessive hair loss in your specific case:

Hormones, especially the sex hormones are held responsible for the abnormal hair loss. In case of males, high levels of testosterone are linked with the male-pattern baldness; while in case of female-pattern baldness the causes are biological like pregnancy, menopause, taking birth control pills etc. Moreover, there can be also genetic predisposition among people that results in hair damage and loss of hair. So, if your parents have suffered from hair loss then you are genetically vulnerable to face the same condition of your hair. This factor tends to rule lot many people’s hair stories for sure!

  • Specific medical conditions or problems:

The abnormal functioning of thyroid gland is linked with deteriorated condition of hair. Also, there can be a unique medical condition in which immune system harms the hair follicles. Thus, it hampers proper growth of hair. Then, there are skin infections or skin problems that cause hair loss e.g. lupus, lichen planes etc. In case of scleroderma, there is weakening of body’s connectivity with supporting tissues that leads to hard, puffy and itchy skin. This subsequently results in poor hair.

  • Medication  or treatment of certain medical ailments:

The treatment as well as medication of certain medical problems can be really a key factor in the substantial hair loss. It is quite prominent in the chemotherapy that is used in treating cancer. Moreover, the medication of ailments like arthritis, depression, heart problem also leads to hair loss in quick successions. Here, the main culprits are the medicines that we are in-taking.

  • Nutritional deficiencies:

Deficiency of certain vitamins like vitamin D and Minerals like calcium are linked with hair loss. Even poor diet can be detrimental for the proper growth of the hair.

  • Psychological factors:

The psychological factors can include stress, lack of sleep and moreover there is a mental disorder where people indulge in hair pulling. These factors also results in hair less over time. Ultimately, you need to be aware of the factors that are playing their role in deteriorating your hair. So, once you have identified the factors you can take actions pertaining to the eventual control of hair loss. Well, your wait is over! Yes, if you are seeking different solutions to ensure that you are able to control or prevent the hair loss then you can consider the following suggestions:

  •  Many hair products can save your self-image!

There is indeed plethora of hair solutions, tonics, nourishing products that can enhance the growth of your hair as well as prevent the hair loss. You can consult your dermatologist to seek anti-dandruff shampoos, hair tonic, hair oil etc. In case you have oily hair, it is worthwhile to choose hair rinse, and in case of dry hair opting for creamy conditioners can be a sensible idea. In addition to this, there is also huge acceptance as well as positive results of ayurvedic or herbal products. Hence, if you are interested in seeking natural and harmless products to control hair loss, then you should seek these products. Also, you can opt for hair packs that are easily available to facilitate hair growth and reduce hair loss, significantly.

  • Take care of your diet:

Diet tends to play crucial role in the proper growth of your hair; hence, it is time to take a plunge into benefits of nutritious and healthy diet to bring back the lost shine and health of your hair. A vitamin and mineral rich diet is the way towards better hair. You should add sprouts, green vegetable, fruits in your diet. Proper hydration of your body also helps in maintaining good condition of your hair. So, don’t forget to take extra glasses of water for your hair as well!

  • Nutritional supplements:

If you are also like most of your counter parts that are too busy in their life and work, then opting for nutritional supplements in terms of calcium and vitamin D can help in removing the cause of hair loss for you.

  • ways to prevent balding Medication can also control hair loss:

There are some chemicals that tend to solve the problem of hair loss. In this case, the first and the foremost is the ‘minoxidil’ which is proved to enhance the hair follicles and thus there is subsequent hair growth. Similarly, there are pills of finasteride that blocks the generation of those hormones in the body that lead to hair loss, especially in men.

  • Life style changes and combating stress:

It is also quintessential to combat stress in a healthy manner to ensure the proper heath and growth of your body. Stress has adverse effect on hair condition and prolonged stressful responses tend to increase hair loss. Hence, it is advisable to make life adjustments to live healthy life.

  • Proper treatment from dermatologist as well as consulting your physician:

Dermatologist can be your sole savior if you are suffering from skin problem t that leads to hair loss. Getting advice form your physical can help you understand your medical conditions that affect your hair growth and hence, this helps you to take the necessary actions as well as medication that eradicate the problem of hair loss.

  • When nothing works-there is ‘hair replacement grafts’:

In case, you have very serious hair loss and ‘baldness’ is fast approaching then you can seek hair graft surgeries. Hence, you should not feel helpless in any case as the options to prevent, control and resurrect the loss of hair are readily available to you. All you need is to highlight your problem area and take subsequent steps to ensure that your best asset that is obviously your ‘hair’ remain intact for a long time to come!

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